Sync Gateway Architect vs Full Admin

Hi everyone,

I’m facing an issue with Couchbase Server 7.2 and Sync Gateway 3.1, both of which I’m using in their Community Editions. I’m having trouble accessing the Sync Gateway Admin REST API; all my attempts result in permission errors.

After reading the documentation, my understanding is that the Admin REST API might not be fully accessible in the Community Edition. It seems that the roles required to access this API are restricted to the Enterprise Edition. In the Community Edition, we only have the full admin role, which apparently doesn’t grant access to most of the Admin REST API endpoints.

Is my understanding correct? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Sync Gateway Community Edition disables the enable_advanced_auth_dp config option, which turns off the finer-grained RBAC authorisation checks present in the Enterprise Edition.

You’ll have to still supply an authenticated RBAC user, but their RBAC role only needs to be Full Admin, which is available in Server Community Edition.

The list of required permissions (left column) should cover those that accept Full Admin or Read Only Admin.

Let us know if things still aren’t working out with the above information/roles.

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Thank you Ben. This has helped me!

With this information and using “Create a Sync Gateway Database” on the Admin API, I’m now able to access the database via the Admin API without error.

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