Ephemeral buckets for Community version

I’m trying to understand whether the ephemeral buckets feature is available for community users or not. Here it clearly states that it’s an enterprise feature. However, I can create and use ephemeral buckets on my community instance. Tried it for both images from the site and docker images - seems to work fine.

Hello @Nikira,

Ephemeral buckets are available for Community Edition. There is an open issue to fix the website.



I have one more question though. I see that querying ephemeral buckets requires MOI index (which is for sure available only for Enterprise edition). Am I correct that for the community edition it is possible to use this type of buckets only as key-value storage and it’s not possible to make any kind of aggregations or grouping operations?

By aggregations and grouping, I mean doing it without the USE KEYS, because that would require me to maintain a list of all keys in the application to be able to make this operation on the whole bucket.