EOL vs Full Maintenance


I’m asking you a question after looking at the site.

What is the difference between “EOL” and “Full Maintenance”?

As far as I know, maintenance is impossible after the EOL date, is it impossible to use it at all?

I’ll be waiting for the reply.

Hello leech,

Thanks for using Couchbase and asking the question here on the forums.
The primary difference between the End of Full Maintenance and End of Life is that for our subscribed enterprise customers Couchbase will provide regular updates including security fixes until the release reaches End of Full Maintenance. After this period, the version is still provided with technical support but without the opportunity for pro-active code fixes up to the End of Life date. Couchbase products remain fully usable after these dates, though if you contact support they will request that you upgrade to a more recent supported release to receive support.

Ian McCloy (Couchbase Principal Product Manager)

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