Enterprise edition licensing and security options - my use case

Howdy all, new couchbase user, potentially.
I’ve got two primary questions:

  1. The enterprise edition seems to have a free version and a paid version, is that correct? Is there a page describing the differences between the free version and the paid version in terms of license restrictions? http://www.couchbase.com/editions makes no mention of the free enterprise edition, and I haven’t found a comparison between the two at all. I see some references to the free edition, but there aren’t any readily available materials documenting this option.
  2. I need to have the data on disk, both on the server and the client devices, encrypted. I see many references to doing this with Gazzang, but that was bought by cloudera and no longer seems to be available. Is there a different solution I should be using for server and client side encryption of data? Or, should I be using something else to create an encrypted storage volume on the clients and servers, and configuring the installation to keep the data there?

I’m ultimately looking to build a mobile application for users on the ground in areas that have spotty data connectivity. I need data collected to be synchronized whenever a data connection exists. The synchronization would be two way - data from user A is delivered to user B on B’s next sync. Synchronization would take place over SSL, and ideally both the copies of the databases on the client devices and on the server itself would be encrypted.

This looks like, from the couchbase website, something couchbase is pretty much purpose built for, is that roughly accurate?

Can couchbase reasonably be used for user/account management for the deployed application?

There is a description of the two editions on couchbase.com.

There were great sessions on this at the recent Couchbase Connect conference. One option is Vormetric. Also note that there has been discussion of encryption of the documents in Couchbase Lite as @jens covered in his session at Couchbase Connect. For now, data is encrypted by the platform on iOS. Between SyncGateway and Couchbase Lite, you would have SSL.

Since you’re considering licensing options, it may be good to engage directly there and get into details of your specific requirements.