Embedded database on Windows client


I am developing a prototype for an application where offline availability of data is necessary.
As far as I understood, couchbase has only embedded client databases for mobile devices. I need realize such a client database on a Windows client (e.g. Laptop).
The client will have a read-only database where one-sided replication could deliver the data. But as far as I understood the concept, the Master-Database triggers the replication, whereas I would need something like “replication on demand” when the application user decides to replicate the data.
Can you recommend an approach for this kind of situation?

Best regards,

Couchbase lite is certainly the recommended approach based on your description. it is designed not just for mobile phones or tablets but edge servers as well.

Recommend you watch the announcements in the next few weeks on mobile. There are a few exciting developments on this side as part of the connect conference: http://www.couchbase.com/connect/

Thank you, I think you got me on the right track here.