Elasticsearch connector config for https service endpoints

I am trying to configure the connector to work with AWS elasticsearch service ,or Elastic Cloud, or qbox, but I have been unsuccessful. Can anyone provide some guidance on how to get any of these to work? When i setup the connector for any of these services as ‘secureConnection = true’, i end up getting the following error ‘ElasticsearchHelper - Elasticsearch connection failure, couldn’t get version.’. If I set ‘secureConnection = false’, i get the error ’ _https://ssl_elasticsearch_endpoint:port uses https; must set elasticsearch ‘secureConnection’ config key to true.’ I feel like i am missing something obvious, but i can’t get past this. I am using the CB ES connector 4.0.0 and elasticsearch 6.3. I have no problems connecting to an ES instance I create. Any help would be appreciated.

Just curious? With the built-in Full text search (FTS) you have with Couchbase, what’s the motivation to use elastic?

From the description, it sounds like there may be an interface difference between the regular ElasticSearch and AWS ElasticSearch Service. The connector uses the libraries supplied by Elastic.

Can you turn up the log level to FINE and see if you can spot the request/response just before that error? This may help you determine what request is being made that isn’t generating the expected reply. If you can’t make sense of it, post the relevant log entries to a gist or the like and we can try to assist.

Thank you for responding,
I was able to get this working with Elastic Cloud. This turned out to be a network issue, that should have been easy to sort. However, the misleading error message ( ‘couldnt get version’ ) and a heavy dose of tunnel-vision had me looking at the problem the wrong way.

keshav, as far as i know, couchbase is missing some functionality I need. One specific example is the percolator. Does couchbase offer something similar?

Sorry that error message was unhelpful… I filed a Jira issue to reword it: