Slf4j error on connector

Hello there, our couchbase version is 7.0.3 and elasticsearch version is 7.10.2. I want to use couchbase-elasticsearch-connector 4.3.10 with java 11, i want to deploy connector to kubernetes but i got a error like this:

Our helm chart project is in different source and we pass the parameter in JenkinsFile so I did not use the kubernetes files in project path /examples/kubernetes is that a problem ?

I use these dependencies.

How can i fix that error?

Hi @Serhat,

As I understand from our out-of-band conversation, you are building the connector from source.

Please consider using a pre-built connector distribution, which you can get from the “Download” links on the release notes page: Release Notes | Couchbase Docs

If you choose to continue building the connector from source, could you please share the command you are using to build the connector, and the command you are using to deploy and run the connector, and any other information you think might be useful for reproducing the problem?

If I’m not mistaken, your Couchbase Enterprise Subscription entitles you to support for the Couchbase Elasticsearch connector as well. Please consider filing a ticket with Couchbase Support.


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