Failed to open bucket - couchbase elasticsearch connector

I am trying to use cbes-4.2.1 as in documentation, repicating travel-sample bucket.
When I run “cbes” I am getting error : CouchbaseHelper - Failed to open bucket.
My couchbase is in cloud and elasticsearch is in localhost.

How to resolve this?

In future I want to replicate other buckets as well…what are the changes I should do?
@david.nault Can you help here??

Hi Rajeev,

I think there might be something wrong with how the Couchbase host address is specified. In the ‘hosts’ value I see something that starts with http://. Try it without the http:// prefix. (see

Another thing to check is whether the Couchbase server’s management port 8091 is accessible to the connector from outside the cloud environment. SDK-Doctor is a tool that can help diagnose that kind of issue.

I should also say that if the Couchbase service ports in the cloud are exposed to the world as remapped/non-standard ports, the connector will not be able to talk to the cluster. That issue is something we’re working on.


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Thank you, I will try it.

It is resolved when I removed http:// and explicitly specified port number

Hi, in config.toml file I am using this:

prefix = ‘’
index = ‘test’

As I understand it should write all documents in couchbase bucket to test index. But it is doing nothing…
How to do it?

Does your config file define any other type rules? The connector stops at the first matching rule. If you want to post your full config I could take a look.

Turning on debug logging might also show you what’s happening. In the file config/log4j2.xml replace:

<Root level="info">


<Root level="debug">

and restart the connector.

Yes, it was because of another rule before this one :slightly_smiling_face: ,Thanks.

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