Does Autonomous Operator 1.2 supports couchbase 7.0.0.beta version

We are using the autonomous operator 1.2 version and trying to use the couchbase 7.0.0.beta version but it is not creating the couchbase cluster. does operator 1.2 supports couhbase 7.0.0.beta version ?
We are currently using the operator 1.2 version and I do not want to disturb operator and want to try the 7.0.0beta version of couchbase.
I do not see any errors also in the operator logs, it created the pods and after few seconds it deletes the pod.
Below is the logs of the operator pod.
time=“2021-02-24T10:06:25Z” level=info msg=“Creating a pod (clusterid-0000) running Couchbase community-7.0.0-beta” cluster-name=clusterid module=cluster
time=“2021-02-24T10:08:31Z” level=info msg=“deleted pod (clusterid-0000)” cluster-name=clusterid module=cluster
time=“2021-02-24T10:08:31Z” level=error msg=“Cluster setup failed: still failing after 5 retries: [Server Error 503 (clusterid-0000.clusterid.clusterid.svc:8091/pools): ]” cluster-name=clusterid module=cluster

Two problems:

  • CBS 7 is not supported on any version of the Operator (although it should work sufficiently well on Operator 2.1 from my initial testing). I don’t even think Operator 1.2 can run CBS 6.5+ because the behaviour of rebalance changed and required fixes only available in 2.0+.
  • Community editions are not supported, the Operator should flat out refuse to run them.

Hi @simon.murray
Thank you for the reply. so should I upgrade operator to 2.1 version if I want to use CBS 7 ? or even 2.1 does not support CBS 7 ?
Also can you please give me the documentation to install 2.1 operator

2.1 should work adequately well, good enough for you to start playing with the new features at least.

The only problem I can foresee is if you have any other 1.x operators running on your platform. 1.x and 2.x cannot be run at the same time (Kubernetes just didn’t support it at the time when we made the transition).

As always, our expert produced documentation is the place to go for installation instructions: Install the Operator on Kubernetes | Couchbase Docs

Hi @simon.murray ,

I have installed the operator version to 2.1 but still it is failing in readiness probe and pod becomes unhealthy. After few minutes operator will delete the unhealthy pods.

If I do the kubectl describe it says readiness probe failed in events section.

Readiness probe failed: dial tcp connect connection refused

Not a lot I can tell you, the operator is doing what it was designed to to, so there’s something going wrong between your platform and the Couchbase server image. Open a support request with full logging (cbopinfo | Couchbase Docs) and I should be able to tell you what to do to get it working.