Document status before Replicator start and finish

I am updating to couchbase lite to 2.0. Problem i am facing is

  • not able to identify what are the documents are going to participate in the replication. In 1.3 i am able to get this with help of filter to database.
  • Once after replication how can i judge wether the document successfully synced or not earlier in 1.3 isDocumentPending is helping in that.

How can i acheive these in 2.0?

  • Assuming you are talking about continuous push replication, you are right- we do not have filterParams supported in 2.0. This is something under consideration for a future release. if you are looking to do a one-shot replication, you can use documentIds to specify what to sync
  • Again, something that’s under consideration for a future release. Right now, you can use the status of the Replicator to determine if its busy, in-progress etc. BTW, I am curious about your use case for requiring status on a per document basis.