Couchbase Lite 2.0 Document Sync status

I am using Couchbase Lite and Sync Gateway to sync all documents to Couchbase server in both directions.
I need to know what documents are currently pending sync from CB Lite to the server.
I believe in 1.4, there was an API isDocumentPending in CBReplication class that would help me determine the status.
However, in 2.0 i am not able to find out how i can figure out the status of a document: if it is synced or not.

Please suggest

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Any suggestions, anyone?

This functionality is not available in 2.0. The best you can do is make a record of documents that you have and then perform a one-shot replication. If it finishes with no errors then those documents are synced.

Is this a feature that is going to be added to 2.x? We have the same requirement and are having difficult time with CBLite 1.4 in trying to determine what has been pushed.

I’d say it’s likely to be added. We’re looking at developer feedback to see which features they most need.

Please enable this api as it helps in decide wether the record got synced or not.

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