Locking couchbase-server version on docker file


A couple of months ago I started running a couchbase server. Because I’m a lame, I haven’t locked the server version on docker compose file. I had the image like: image: couchbase

In the last month there has been updates to couchbase-server on docker hub and the couchbase-server image was updated to version 6.0.3. I was running 6.0.0

However, sync-gateway image was locked to version 2.5.0: couchbase/sync-gateway:2.5.0-community

With this, sync gateway stopped talking with couchbase-server. By updating sync-gateway to 2.6.1, the communication problem ends but I still need to lock the couchbase-server version so that this doesn’t happen again.

However, trying to change from image: couchbase to image: couchbase/enterprise-6.0.3 and then calling:

docker-compose up -d couchbase-server

Results in

Pulling couchbase-server (couchbase/enterprise-6.0.3:)…
ERROR: The image for the service you’re trying to recreate has been removed. If you continue, volume data could be lost. Consider backing up your data before continuing.

Well, I’m afraid to continue without professional advise. I don’t want to loose my production data.

What should I do?




Hi @sinosoidal,

If you are using Couchbase Server Enterprise in production (that appears to be the case), then you have purchased a license and are likely entitled to opening a support ticket (i.e. ‘professional advise’ :)) - Start here: https://support.couchbase.com

@matthew.groves, you have just made me realise that I should actually be using couchbase-community. I have probably started tinkering with the docker image of enterprise on the Dockerfile and forgot changing it later.

If I now switch to the community edition server, is my data going to be compatible with it?



I think it will probably be okay. However, before you delete or drop or overwrite anything, to be safe I’d recommend:

  • Backup everything and make sure you can restore it (test a restore)
  • Consider using XDCR to move data from one cluster to the new cluster
  • Once you’ve moved data to the new Community cluster (via either XDCR or restoring from a backup), point your applications and sync gateway to the new cluster.

@matthew.groves thanks for your help.

By the way, I actually ended resolving this issue. It was a typo in my Dockerfile. Instead of writing image: couchbase:enterprise-6.0.3 I was writing image: couchbase/enterprise-6.0.3, it’s a just a char but it was dead wrong.

Best regards

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