N1QL and Python SDK

Is there a plan and timeframe for integrating N1QL within the Python SDK? I’m new to Couchbase and evaluating it as the backend for Celery task results. While it’s be extremely easy to setup and use for this purpose, I’m encountering some friction and drag now that we’re needing to extract and aggregation information.

Have an ad-hoc capability to access results at this phase of the project would be very helpful. Having to implement view/query/map-reduce functionality, especially with the limited and not-always-working examples on offer is difficult.

Any information regarding N1QL availability and querying from Python would be appreciated.



We are still evaluating the proper way to integrate the N1QL query interface into the SDK - a basic prototype should be available within the next few months. For the time being you can use your favorite HTTP client and submit POST requests to the /query endpoint for N1QL containing your query body.


Is there any update on the availability of N1QL with the Python SDK?


The initial N1QL changes have been put up for review: http://review.couchbase.org/#/c/46105/ – these should be merged within a few weeks. If you are feeling adventurous enough, you can check out both the Python client (from our code review system) and our C library (from the master branch at github) and try them out.