Difficulty following Couchbase Lite tutorial

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I am having difficulty following the tutorial for getting started with Couchbase Lite. At several steps along the way I have needed the assistance of others to proceed. (See [this interaction] (Inconsistency between Couchbase Mobile getting started instructions and Xcode) for one example.) Unfortunately my past use of Xcode was casual and with much earlier versions and although I am familiar with Objective-C I am not fluent in it. This is undoubtedly part of my problem, but I would like to see the tutorial improved so that someone in my position could complete it.

I am finding some places where the tutorial could be improved, mostly in minor ways. I would be happy to communicate my observations and experiences, if I knew who to send them to.

I also strongly suggest providing a project with the completed tutorial. Even better would be a series of projects, one for each step of the tutorial. This would allow people to see what their project and code should look like when they run into trouble. I am going to keep versions of my project and code following the steps of the tutorial; I would be happy to send someone those projects once I get myself untangled and manage to get through the entire tutorial.

I eventually stumbled on the solution code at github – there should be a link from the tutorial to the solution (or maybe I missed it).

I encountered more serious problems as I worked my through the rest of the tutorial, including a show-stopping misnamed class.