Inconsistency between Couchbase Mobile getting started instructions and Xcode

I am trying to work my way through the “Getting Started” instructions. I am looking at the Creating a New Project page. I am stuck at the Add Dependencies step. The picture shown does not correspond to what I see in Xcode 7.3 on OS X 10.11. My Xcode project has only one line in the Build Settings Linking — Runpath Search Paths — and no apparent way to add another build setting. (I am new to Xcode but a very experienced developer.) I don’t see anything about standard libraries or other linker flags. I would appreciate help with this problem.

I am running the same versions as you and see exactly as is shown on the Couchbase site. Perhaps include a screenshot of things on your side.

Thanks for trying that out, and for replaying quickly. How do I add a Screen Shot, especially a large one? I didn’t’see an Attach File action.

Good question, I’m not sure, perhaps link to a file on dropbox or similar.

Here is a link to a DropBox folder that shows annotated screen shots of the steps I took. Your attention is greatly appreciated.

Sorry I don’t know, it’s different to what xcode shows for me. It doesn’t answer your question but I install couchbase lite and many other dependencies through cocoapods, it’s much simpler than going through the manual configuration.

Well, thanks for looking. Even if I could get it set up with CocoaPods, there remains the issue that the documentation on the web site is possibly inaccurate at a very early stage of the tutorial, so people will give up trying it.

I tried from scratch with a new project. If you tap the “All” button (instead of Basic which you have selected at the moment) at the top of the settings editor then you will see the “Other Linker Flags” option if you type “other link” into the filter.

Thank You!

You have cleared up my misconceptions. I didn’t notice that the “All” button was shown in the screen shot on the web page, nor that I had to use the search box (rather than just looking for) to reduce the massive list of details to the few shown in the screen shot.

Some of my problems, including in the subsequent steps, are because, I’m new to Xcode (well almost – I have tinkered with it over the years, but never built anything significant with it.)

The next thing to note for people following the tutorial is that Xcode 7 uses .tbd (text) files in place of .dylib files.

On to the code! Thank you again for making the effort and taking the time to figure this out for me.

(Oh – and there is an upload icon – the symbol to the left of the bulleted list icon, which to me looked like a person until I looked at it more closely and saw the hint for it. I don’t know what happens to uploaded things or how they get connected to the post, though.)

If I wanted to send notes of things in the tutorial that need to be updated, or that confused me, or that could be better worded, etc., who could I send that too? I’d be happy to take notes while I work through the tutorials.

Great that worked. I am not sure who you would send corrections to (I don’t work for Couchbase).