Single Application connecting to Couchbase 3.0 and 4.0 using java-client 2.1.4

Our’s is a java based web application which is using Couchbase 3.0 as a caching solution.
We have a new requirement for which we would like to use Couchbase 4.0.
Is there any problems if a single application connects to two different couchbase clusters having different versions -3.0 & 4.0.

Couchbase cluster 3.0 <===> Application(java-client 2.1.4) <====> Couchbase cluster 4.0

We are planning to use the same java client version (java-client 2.1.4 jar) for connection/operations with both the Couchbase versions. Kindly advise if you foresee any issue with this setup.

That should be no problem. Use a separate Cluster object and environment between the two and there should be no problem at all. No state would be shared between the two. This configuration isn’t specifically tested, to my knowledge, but shouldn’t be a problem.


Thank you for the reply. We will try out with this setup.