Details of indexes

I wonder if there is ways to fetch details of indexes such as

  1. the data that is kept in the index
  2. the size of the index
  3. fragmentation (I understand that implementation of index might vary from RDBMS, but I suspect this is very much a relevant question)

I am aware of system:indexes but the return result is quite limiting

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@wai.kwang.mak, lot of these details are displayed on the UI console for every index as mini graphs e.g the data/disk size of the index, fragmentation, items count etc.

Please see if that’s sufficient for your needs.

It certainly addresses much of my needs, but I wonder if I can actually view the data in the indexes.

Thank you @deepkaran.salooja

We have a utility to view index data. But its not supported for production and can change anytime.

Its located under /opt/couchbase/install/bin

./cbindex -type=scanAll -bucket <bucket_name> -index <index_name> -server <IP:8091> -auth <user:password>
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@deepkaran.salooja Sadly I received error, updateIndexerList CBAuth database is stale. In the meantime, I also need to upgrade couchbase to 4.6. Let’s see if this fixes the problem.

Thank you

But the cbindex tool is not able to show size information etc.? I suspected
./cbindex -type stats -auth admin:'***' -index index_name -bucket bucket_name
would show at least some information of interest but I got
Error occured queryport.notImplemented
So the web interface is the only place where I can find information about index size at the moment?

try this to get the data that is kept in the index

./cbindex -type count -auth admin:'***' -index index_name -bucket bucket_name

and the size of index for snapshot is under