Get specific used storage of customer on couchbase disk (multi tenancy)

Is there anyway i can get specific used storage including indexes (on fly without delay) of a customer before making any insert or update by the customer clients?

This how each default tenant index looked when registered

CREATE INDEX customerID_index1 ON bucket_name(collection)
WHERE customer=“customerID”

So each customers can still add their own query index still containing the customerID as namespace

CREATE INDEX customerID_… ON bucket_name(collection,…)
WHERE customer=“customerID” …

I found select * from system:indexes but the most important path wasn’t listed which is the index size.
So is there way to add it?

Hi @guruzhostz,

The index stats can be gathered via REST in Couchbase Server 5.5 (see this ticket:

As for getting them via N1QL, there is a ticket for it, but it is still open: