Deployment in Kubernetes

How to deploy couchbase server community edition in Kubernetes? Is there any way we can do this?
Our Web App(Angular) and Web ApI (ASP .Net Core) are running in Kubernetes.

Hi @prem111,

Thanks for your question.

We publish containers for Couchbase Server Community Edition on Docker Hub.

We also have our Couchbase Autonomous Operator, to help automate the management of the cluster, but this only supports the Enterprise Edition of Couchbase Server, not the Community Edition.

Perhaps you could look into using a StatefulSet, but then you would need to take care of the management of the cluster yourself.

Hope this helps,

Can I get a recent sample for this StatefulSet please? It will be a great help.


Hi @prem111, it’s not something we have an example of, sorry, this is something you’d have to put together yourself.