CE 6.5.1 Cluster deployment in Kubernetes

I want to deploy Couchbase Community Edition Cluster 6.5.1 with 4 nods/pods in Kubernetes cluster with sharding/replication. Did not find any documentation or steps online. All the online resources are referring to Autonomous operator which is for only EE version. Please provide the steps for Couchbase Cluster setup in Kubernetes for CE version.


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@Suresh_Potana Autonomous Operator is for EE version only at this point of time. CE Version is not supported

@raju We are using Community Edition only. Please share any document/steps on how to deploy a 4 node cluster with replication/sharding in Kubernetes without using the autonomous operator.

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@Suresh_Potana Can you try following on this blog? https://blog.couchbase.com/couchbase-on-kubernetes/

@raju, I will try this approach. Thank you

Hey Suresh, did the k8s deployment instructions still work?