Customize Query History location


Is there any way we can customize the location of query history to be saved? Guess, by default it is saved somewhere in C:\Users<UserName>\ of Windows system.

Reason for this weird requirement - Everyday files which are saved in C"\ gets refreshed. So, next day when i login to webclient, all my previous queries are gone. I want to configure the query history location in a mapped network drive.

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Inside cbq shell issue this command to change default location.

\set histfile "/tmp/cbq_hist";


Thank you for your response.

I guess this is at server level. Modifying the path here might impact all the users.

Can’t we have this configured at user level from the webclient?

This is cbq shell level. not server level

The history is stored in .cbq_history file present in the Home directory of your OS. As mentioned above, it can be changed using the \SET command. For the UI, the history is stored in the local storage of the browser and can be seen when you open the web inspector and see Applications - Local storage, you will see an entry corresponding to the query workbench.

For more info @eben can help you out.

As @isha said, the web-based Query Workbench stores the query history in the browser’s Local Storage. The query history can be exported and imported using the “Export” and “Import” buttons in the upper right.