Is there any REST API to export the query workbench(Query History)

hi all,
very good afternoon every one.
can you please help me i have query about couchbase server.
i need to get highlighted “Query History” through REST API.
The Exported "Output"Json file need to get using REST API or java sdk.
can you please help me, is it possible in couchbase.
I have gone through all REST API endpoints but i did not found any where in docs.
is any one please help me.

I am afraid the query history resides in your browser, not the couchbase cluster, so the only thing you can do is export it through the UI, there 's no REST endpoint because the cluster doesn’t have any visibility of the history at all.
@eben anything you can add?

As @Marco_Greco notes, the query history is stored in the browser’s local storage, so a REST API to retrieve it is not possible. There is an option to export query history as JSON, with or without the query results. See the EXPORT button in the upper right of the screen:


That brings up a dialog that lets you select what you want to export.