Query context for scopes using N1QL

I had a small doubt about using N1QL for scopes and collections in the enterprise 7.0 release.
Based on this article, I tried using N1QL to set query context on the sample travel-sample bucket.
The query I used was set query_context = "default:travel-sample.inventory";.
The error I got was:

    "code": 3000,
    "msg": "syntax error - at query_context",
    "query": "set query_context = \"default:travel-sample.inventory\";"

Is there something from the article I’m missing?
Would be very grateful if someone could help me with this, I’m a student dev new to using CB.

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There is special character - (minus arithmetic operation), each part is identifier escape if need using back ticks.


If using Query Work Bench (Chose bucket then scope) as shown in the screen shot. It automatically sets query_context

If using cbq shell

\set -query_context   "default:`travel-sample`.inventory";

Thank you so much @vsr1!
I knew how to do it using cbq and the Query Workbench, N1QL was the only one not working.

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