Custom character filter in analyzer not working

i am using regexp character filter in couchbase for my analyzer. desirable result following

phuong 1 -> phuong_1
phuong  12 -> phuong_12

Configuration character filter in Couchbase Web Console following

Regular expression : ([a-z])\s+(\\d)
Replacement: $1_
  • Result of above configuration is produce term [phuong,1, 12 ]
  • Desirable result is [phuong_1 , phuong_12]
  • I have aligned this code many times But it still not working correct
  • Can you help me this problem ?

Hi @trungvo98,

Looks like this isn’t possible with the regex character filter FTS has today. We have already seen a similar post in stackoverflow (perhaps from you) and @abhinav have started evaluating the implementation ideas around this. We haven’t finalised the final requirements on this yet.