Create custom analyzers for searching: non case sensitive names including special chars

I need to perform an FTS search on words, it should be Non case-sensitive and including special chars.
Example: if I search for “sha-” it should return me: “Sha-”, “sHa-”, “SHA-”, “sha-”
I used “inherit” analyzer (the default analyzer is standard), but it doesn’t find special chars.
How to build custom analyzer for my requirement ?

Thanks in advance,

Hi @karinfar,

Try creating the custom analyzer like below from the UI and use that against the field you plan to index/query.

Please note this is just one way of doing this. And there are many other ways to do this too and the specific approach depends on what all use cases you have to address.


Hi, Thanks for your quick replay, I try it now, but it doesn"t work.
It doesn’t find any name.
If I’m using “keyword” analyzer it works, but it is case-sensitive, I need analyzer like “keyword” which is not case-sensitive.
This is the json definition of the custom analyzer:
“analyzers”: {
“insensitive_specialChars”: {
“char_filters”: [
“token_filters”: [
“tokenizer”: “unicode”,
“type”: “custom”

You can create a custom analyzer with a “single” tokenizer and “to_lower” token filter in a similar way as above too.

That’s seems to work ,
Thanks allot !