Creating Couchbase server from AMI

This is regarding Couchbase Community 3.01 on Ubuntu.

We are doing some testing with Couchbase in AWS. I have created an AMI from a functional Couchbase instance, and when I launch and new instance from that AMI, Couchbase is not responsive (can’t connect to it via web administration).

I suspected the reason was because the instance the AMI was created from had a different IP address than the newly launched instance. So, I changed the IP address in the ip_start config file on the new instance to match the IP address of that instance, restarted the server and everything seemed to work OK. I then joined the node to the cluster and we seem to be in business.

I can’t, however, seem to find any documentation for this scenario. Is there a better way to accomplish this? I’m afraid that my method may be a hack with some unintended consequences that I’m not aware of.

Thanks for any feedback

Hi, I am not an AMI expert but this might help you