Couchbase 4.0 on AWS

Noobie question;

I was wondering if it was possible to tryout couchbase 4.0 on an AWS instance. All the couchbase AMIs are version 3.1.0 or lower. If instead I am manually installing couchbase onto an instance, how would I go about doing it on ubuntu (for 4.0)

  • I’m not really a linux user, but have dabbled with ubuntu in the past so I’d rather it be that than red hat or suse etc…


You can download the Ubuntu package and install directly on a vanilla AMI. The only challenge you’ll have is that you need to open the ports appropriately, which can be done through AWS.

Thanks for the reply, I’ve done just that - I’ve succesfully installed CB 4.0 rc0 and gotten this message in the terminal:

You have successfully installed Couchbase Server.
Please browse to http://ip-xxx-xx-xx-xx:8091/ to configure your server.
Please refer to for additional resources.
Please note that you have to update your firewall configuration to allow connections to the following ports: 11211, 11210, 11209, 4369, 8091, 8092, 8093,9100 to 9105, 9998, 18091, 18092, 11214, 11215 and from 21100 to 21299.

I’ve added all those ports as Custom TCP rules in AWS (in the proper security group),
however when I try to access the console in my browser (not the instance’s browser), using either http://ip-xxx-xx-xx-xx:8091/ or , I get either a ‘Server not found’ or ‘Unable to connect’ error. (I’m pretty sure that first url is for local only so that makes sense).

I’m worried the unable to connect error might be caused by firewall issues - because 8091 is supposed to be allowed, so I have no clue what I’m missing…

Turns out our office firewall was blocking access to it (we had to allow outgoing requests to port 8091);

Additionally, the AWS private IP had to be mapped to the public IP in the host file
AND the couchbase host name in the console setup had to be set to the AWS public DNS