Create Index Problem

Helle everybody,
Today i have a problem during creation of index.
I have Couchbase Serveur community 7.1.1.
I install my instance of couchbase on my laptop (windows 11)

After try CREATE INDEX , i receive a error message who say:

I test:
Uninstall totally couchbase and réinstall.
change version of couchabase serveur but nothing.
Please help me is for my end project…

Salut Mathis -

I believe the remainder of the message is “Reason: Fails to create index. There is no available index service that can process this request at this time. Index Service can be in bootstrap, recovery, or non-reachable. Please retry the operation at a later time”

So the issue is that the indexer is not running. Please look in the log files for the reason the indexer is not running. Or post the logs here.

  • Mike

Hey mreiche,
Thanks you for answer.
I send this logs tomorow!!
Just for more precision
i just test install CouchBase server in my other computer and it’s good…
I send logs tomorow but i don’t understand because on compute i have uninstall couchbase and reinstall…

Thanks you and good night!

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