Anyone help me how do i restart and solve index service problem?

I can not create any index using the following for any index query
CREATE PRIMARY INDEX master_erp_primary_index ON master_erp USING GSI;
CREATE INDEX idx_by_type ON master_erp(type);

if i go to Indexes service menu i found the following :

i have tried to kill the index PID from command line but still my problem exist

how to overcome this ???

Please let me know if it is Community edition or Enterprise edition. Also, please let me know the Couchbase Server version.

From the screenshot, it looks like the index is building. Do you see progress happening? If no, i.e. if the index building is stuck at 42% for log time, check if the enough memory quota is given to the index service. Also check the available free memory and free disk space.

If all of the above is accounted for, we will need logs to understand what is happening. Please attach cbcollect logs.

@amit.kulkarni thank you for your quick response.
i am using Community Edition 6.5.1 build 6299

No progress happening…it just remain same over time.
yes index building 42% for long time

Logs: i get it from:

Service ‘indexer’ exited with status 1. Restarting. Messages:
2020-06-22T12:41:07.874+06:00 [Info] memstats {“Alloc”:62312512, “TotalAlloc”:569034120, “Sys”:134715640, “Lookups”:1434, “Mallocs”:8522616,“Frees”:8425032, “HeapAlloc”:62312512, “HeapSys”:123043840, “HeapIdle”:56549376, “HeapInuse”:66494464,“HeapReleased”:0, “HeapObjects”:97584,“GCSys”:5462016, “LastGC”:1592808051343257200,“PauseTotalNs”:27116600, “PauseNs”:[1055800], “NumGC”:15}
2020-06-22T12:41:07.924+06:00 [Info] Indexer::ReadMemstats Time Taken 0s
2020-06-22T12:41:07.941+06:00 [Info] ServiceMgr::rebalanceJanitor Running Periodic Cleanup
2020-06-22T12:41:07.945+06:00 [Info] ServiceMgr::GetCurrentTopology
2020-06-22T12:41:07.945+06:00 [Info] ServiceMgr::GetTaskList
2020-06-22T12:41:07.945+06:00 [Info] ServiceMgr::GetCurrentTopology returns &{[0 0 0 0 0 0 0 1] [584ffcdcb5c8d9d6842adf46694a497c] true }
2020-06-22T12:41:07.945+06:00 [Info] ServiceMgr::GetTaskList returns &{[0 0 0 0 0 0 0 1] }
2020-06-22T12:41:07.945+06:00 [Info] ServiceMgr::GetCurrentTopology [0 0 0 0 0 0 0 1]
2020-06-22T12:41:07.945+06:00 [Info] ServiceMgr::GetTaskList [0 0 0 0 0 0 0 1]
2020-06-22T12:41:08.115+06:00 [Info] Fetch new stats upon request by life cycle manager
2020-06-22T12:41:17.926+06:00 [Info] Indexer::ReadMemstats Time Taken 0s

my pc has enough memory (16gb ram and 500 gb ssd most of them are empty)
see the screen below: index allocated enough memory

i have restarted whole couchbase server several times

still unable to detect what is the problem.


Please check indexer.log file, system messages and dmesg for any clues for indexer process restarting. If you don’t find anything useful, please collect and attach the logs as explained below.

You can collect the logs by going to
“logs” tab > click on “collect information” > select nodes - include indexer node > click on “start collecting”.
Wait for some time. This will create an archive with all the debug information needed. Please attach that archive.


@amit.kulkarni thank you for your quick response.
as you said i followed and found

please download it and have a look

Hi @mostain,

While I continue with my analysis, can you try index creation without developer preview?

i am really surprised, you asked me t do something , i did and updated you and you flown away without any message or update. i am really disappointed on couchbase and its team.

Hi @mostain, I am sorry for the delay in responding.

Here, the index service is not receiving the data from data service. As I said, the analysis is ongoing. I am wondering if any developer preview features can cause the index build to get stuck - may be in some corner cases. Thats why I suggested to try without developer preview.

Hi @mostain,

Again apologies for the delay. The data access through index service is not supported with 6.5.1 collections feature in developer preview mode.

This behaviour is documented here:

Sorry for the trouble. Support for collections with index service is under development and will be available in future releases. Till then, I request you to use indexes without developer preview mode.

@amit.kulkarni thank you very much for your acknowledgement.
Okay noted, i am uninstalling the couchbase server and installing again to avoid developer preview mode.