Setting up multiple instances on one server

I am trying to follow the documentation ( to setup multiple couchbase instances on the same machine.

I can successfully start one server using both default and user-defined ports and it appears that both server start when trying to load two however only the first server that was started it ever accessible.

[]/opt/couchbase$ bin/couchbase-cli cluster-init --cluster= --cluster-username=Administrator --cluster-password=Administrator --cluster-ramsize=5120 --cluster-port=9000
[]/opt/couchbase$ bin/couchbase-cli server-list -c -u Administrator -p Administrator
ns_2@ healthy active

[]/opt/couchbase$ bin/couchbase-cli cluster-init --cluster= --cluster-username=Administrator --cluster-password=Administrator --cluster-ramsize=5120 --cluster-port=8091 -u Administrator -p Administrator
ERROR: command: cluster-init:, [Errno 111] Connection refused

I start both servers using bin/couchbase-server and both successfully start with the prompt:

Any advice will be gratefully received!

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Iā€™m having the same problem, any news about this topic? Thanks!