Couchnode bucket.set Error: Connection failure on AWS

Hi all,
I’ve created a new virtual machine in Amazon using the Couchbase AMI and i also specified the -name parameter with the appropriate IP - the internal IP of the instance.
When I try to connect from application outside the Amazon cloud using the public DNS, it gets connected (no errors, but if I change the name of the bucket it says it is an error, so it seems the server is visible), but when I try to call bucket.set to add a document after some time it says “Error: Connection failure” Any ideas?


In your AWS Security group that is tied to the instance, what ports are open?

Hi Ivan,

I have also seen this error in a similar use case recently.
Try connecting to the Couchbase instance from within your Amazon instance.
If you try to connect from a remote endpoint, Amazon sends a weird private IP and will not allow the connection.
You may also see a timeout error when trying to set data. This is the same issue.
I hope this helps.

Robin J.

All the port you have to open are described here:

May be this part of the document could also help you: