Couchbase running on Amazon EC2. Connection from .NET SDK

I am trying to connect to couchbase running on Amazon EC2. I can connect it by public URL exposed from amazon or IP address, but everytime i try to connect from the code, it throws a timeout exception.

What i have done is:

  1. i set a configuration

Then while opening cluster i put there a configuration name

 new Cluster("couchbaseClients/couchbase");

Also, i found somewhere i need to open a set of ports. I did inbound rules for all the ports i found to allow for all clients (any ip address).

What am i doing wrong?

Exception is:

A connection attempt failed because the connected party did not properly respond after a period of time, or established connection failed because connected host has failed to respond PUBLIC-IP-ADDRESS:11210

Port 11210 is opened, im able to telnet. Also, i am able to connect to couchbase`s console.

One thing seem strange. This works:

var manager=Cluster.CreateManager("USERNAME", "PASSWORD");
var buckets=manager.ListBuckets();

This not:

var bucket=Cluster.OpenBucket()

Could be a problem is in UserName and Password, but i cant find a way to set a username from config file…

Ok, i tried to set those username and password manually before trying to open a bucket and anyway same exception.

@arkadyb -

From what I can see it looks like everything is set up correctly on the client side. I can get a clearer picture if you can enable logging (see here) and post the results to a Jira ticket.

Perhaps our Azure expert @cihangirb can help as well?


Ok, i figured it out. My bad. During Couchbase setup i didnt specify correct IP address in Server Hostname field (left it As result some ports were not listening and therefore closed on Ubuntu.

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