CouchbaseLite viewer - equivalent version for CBLite 2.0

I need one information, we are using Couchbase Lite 2.0 enterprise version. what is the way of viewing local CBLite data structure and data. We used, “CBLiteViewer” for 1.4 version, but that is not compatible with 2.0 version. From Internet, I am not able to get the proper info.

Can you please provide any info for this.

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More info about this issue here:

How can we view the Couch database 2.0 these days? The CouchbaseLiteViewer is not updated which the most unfortunate. Is there any solution out there? I can’t even find the cblite tools. Please advise, thank you

cblite is part of the mobile tools repo.

Thanks for this, I found it. I was installing the tool by documentation but it’s too complicated and it wasn’t successful at the end, I can’t enter the shell. I unpacked everything into /output folder but shell still doesn’t recognize command. For a Mac OS user this was too complicated installation comparing to any other DB viewer tool, I would love to see that CBLiteViewer supports above v2.0

There is a binary release of the cblite tool.