Inspect local 2.5 CB lite database with cblite Tool

Hello Im tying to follow this documentation to inspect a database created with CB 2.5
the page says we need to download the cblite cli-tool
these are the urls for the cli-tool doc:

My question is how can we use the “cblite” command after execute the build.ps1 or

It’s a command line tool so just run the executable from the command line. Or do you mean you are having trouble finding the executable?

yes not sure where is the cblite executable after the build process.

In the build_cmake folder, most likely in a windows subdirectory. Doesn’t your OS have a find command?

do you know what is the name of the executable?

It’s mentioned dozens of times in the README: cblite.
If you’re on Windows, it probably has a .exe extension.

there is not executable in the build folder in windows, I realize could be because the build task could not be full completed, I attached logs . windows_error_cblite

looks like it cannot open some files even thought I see them in the related directories, however I make the process in a mac and I see a cblite file there that I can run using ./cblite in the build folder directory.

Looks like the Windows build is broken. Any ideas, @borrrden?

Windows build is fine for me. It looks like there are two things going on here:

  1. Perhaps @rafaellroca is using instead of build.ps1. Windows shouldn’t be executing the shell script for the repo version.
  2. Looks like the ATL is not installed. It is a separate component inside the Visual Studio installer (for example on 2017 it is called “Visual C++ ATL for x86 and x64”). That might be a good addition to the readme.

it was the second case, I modified visual studio installation to add Visual C++ ATL for x86 and x64 and is finally working in windows.