Database is in a newer file format than this software supports issue

Hi ,

Earlier we have added CBLite earlier version as embedded binary in iOS Project and now we have added CBLite 2.1.5 usig pod working fine locally but when user have earlier version of ios app trying to update with cblite pod version ios app 2.1.5 then during database opening it says :

Exception : "database is in a newer file format than this software supports "
Code. :
do {
database = try Database(name: GlobalConstants.klocalDB_Name)
} catch let error{

** Note -

  1. When i try to find the cblite internal file structure in both the version ( cblite 2.1.5 and eariler one which is added as embedded binary ) it has same structure , attaching the screenshot , that could help.
  2. Same issue previously discussed but still no conclusion point on this thread : Problems converting from cblite 1.1.0 to 1.2.0

From the error, it seems like the previous version of the app uses a newer version of CBL and then the newer version of the app uses an older version of CBL. Could you please check if you have downgraded CBL Version?