CouchbaseError: DNS/Hostname lookup failed

Hi There:

I’m using using Couchbase 3.0 with couchnode 2.0, based on amazon aws, the idea is to provide a chat to our app, some times if stress a little bit the platform suddenly appears this error message:

operation failed { [CouchbaseError: DNS/Hostname lookup failed] message: ‘DNS/Hostname lookup failed’, code: 21 }

My configuration bucket is the public ip address of the instance for example ‘’ whithout http or https.

Any advice will be appreacite.



Hey jrgcampuzano,

This indicates an issue with the configuration of your amazon instances. Have you tried to ping the servers specified in your bootstrap list and couchbase server configuration from that instance?

Cheers, Brett

Hi Brett,

Thanks for your response, sure, the ping is succesful however this error happend when the server (Couchbase) have some load stress, in this case the chat consume an view with stale.false options in order to show the last ten messages.

On the other hand the same issue happend when we use this tool : in order to make load stress test.



I am getting this error:
CouchbaseError: DNS/Hostname lookup failed

i can ping, ssh, scp and telnet (port 8091) a to my couchbase VM from my node.js application.

Both couchbase and node.js server are running on my local mac and i am connecting via IP address (not hostname)

Can someone explain why this error is occuring


i figured out the problem, the issue was happening because the name did not resolve on the couchbase server