CouchbaseError: DNS/Hostname lookup failed Connecting to 6.5.0-beta from SDK 2.6.3

Testing backward compatibility of a 6.5.0-beta cluster with the Node SDK 2.6.3 ~~> NOT leveraging any of the new(beta) features yet, merely establishing a clear baseline with our current code.

I am receiving the following error when attempting to connect to to the cluster:

I am able log into and interact with the admin console and run queries on our existing data.

Below represents the test code I am using to connect and get a single document. It is exactly the same test code used to verify sound health of our 6.0.2 cluster:

var cluster = new Couchbase.Cluster(util.format('couchbase://%s?detailed_errcodes=1', ''));
cluster.authenticate('username', 'blahpassword');

var bucket = cluster.openBucket('mybucket');    

bucket.on('error', function (error) {

function test () {
  bucket.get('resource::name::1234', function (error, result) {
    if (error) {
      console.log(util.format('error opening bucket. %o', error));
    console.log(util.format('meta: %o', result));


the urgency of the situation forced me to take another course of action. Regrettably, I had to abandon testing the 6.5-beta.

I will say, for those interested, I am not convinced this wasn’t a EC2 configuration issue of some kind.

I think you forgot to paste the error?

That’s not a very good way to check health. It’ll check for a particular node only. The 2.6 SDK has a both a ping() and a diagnostics() way of assessing cluster health. The main difference between the two is that the former is active and the latter is passive. The API reference should give you a bit more info (or you can read the sdk-rfc specification if you want under the hood details)

Finally, any time you’re having connectivity issues, it’d be good to diagnostically check for lower level details with SDK doctor. Maybe try running it in that env? It may not find anything, but it will validate that common connectivity problems aren’t there.

You’ll find pre-built binaries on the release page.

Usually the summary at the end is pretty easy to interpret. If you need help with interpretation, please feel free to post it or a link to it here.

Its in the title:
"CouchbaseError: DNS/Hostname lookup failed "


Ah, got it. Hm, a failure that early wouldn’t have anything to do with the beta installed, so it’s more likely something related to the environment as you indicated. Lack of a DNS A or SRV record, I’d imagine.