Calling couchbase from a Java class


I am developing an aggregator java class, in which i want to call Couchbase directly using POST. I am reading the document but unable to find one which satisfies this. I have seen about Mobile SDK, Node.js SDK and all, but i want to call Couchbase directly from my Java code. Please guide what are the possibilities i have?

Can you please guide me?

Couchbase Server does not expose a REST endpoint for document CRUD. You could, if you have the query service enabled, use its REST endpoint to POST an INSERT/UPSERT query that would have the same effect.

Why don’t we? This could be said a few different ways, but our model is really one of embracing a distributed system all the way into the app level, which allows us to optimize performance, provide a richer interface, etc. Just distributing REST requests over services means you will have to then add load balancers, handle retries and scaling, etc.

Out of curiosity, why are you reticent to bring in a library?

Thanks for the response.
How can we access from java like client then?
I don’t know about query service with couchbase, i’ll read about it.

What are these for,

What do you mean by this? >> Out of curiosity, why are you reticent to bring in a library?

You can follow the start using docs, which tell you about the downloads, the maven coordinates and so forth.

That will help you access it from the Java client.

Don’t use this. It’s very old at this stage.

It means: what is preventing you from using a Java library, like the SDK, in your program?