Couchbase URL error unauthorized: password required

I’m using the UI of Couchbase

On the view page there is a link next to the results filter: ?stale=false&inclusive_end=true&connection_timeout=60000. When I click at the link:

Expected behavior: A new tab with a list of the results is opened where I can adjust the URL parameters, like the ordering with descending=true

Actual behavior: A new tab with the following error message is opened: {"error":"unauthorized","reason":"password required"}

I’m on the Administrator account and have full privileges. A password is set for the Administrator account and I can successfully log into this account.

How can I fix the problem with the authorization and the link?

@t3chus3r You can directly query the view port(8092).

From ui you can click on “show result” button where it displays the result.

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