Unauthorized error while accessing data from couchdb

I am fairly new to couchdb and I have a docker containers hosting cluster of couch db and a react application which is trying to access the data but I am not able to fetch the data because of an authorization error. I have changed local.ini file for couchdb. below is the code


    }).then(res=>{console.log(res)}).catch(e => console.log(e))
Couchdb ini file:

[cors]origins = *
credentials = false
origins = *
methods = GET, PUT, HEAD
enable_cors = true


jquery.js:8815 GET http://username:password@<IP>:5984/twitter 401 (Unauthorized)

Hello @issacthomas,

I think you posted this question on the wrong forum. This forum is for Couchbase (Couchbase Server, Couchbase operator, Couchbase Mobile, etc) and not couchDB.