Issue with install/uninstall couchbase server 7.0.0


I’m working on testing the latest couchabse server version with our application. We use couchbase 6.5.1 on Windows 10.
I do not need upgrade so I just uninstall 6.5.1 and try 7.0.0 but during installation, the step “Install Python 3” I see rollback and that’s it.
In the log I can see:

Action 12:47:37: InstallCbpy. Installing Python 3
MSI (s) (D8:F4) [12:47:37:653]: Executing op: CustomActionSchedule(Action=InstallCbpy,ActionType=1025,Source=BinaryData,Target=WixQuietExec64,CustomActionData="C:\WINDOWS\sysnative\cmd.exe" /s /c ""C:\Program Files\Couchbase\Server\lib\python\cbpy-installer.exe" /NoRegistry=1 /S /D=C:\Program Files\Couchbase\Server\lib\python\runtime")
MSI (s) (D8:1C) [12:47:37:657]: Invoking remote custom action. DLL: C:\WINDOWS\Installer\MSI9788.tmp, Entrypoint: WixQuietExec64
MSI (s) (D8:F4) [12:47:38:011]: Executing op: ActionStart(Name=FixConfig,,)
Action 12:47:38: FixConfig. 
MSI (s) (D8:F4) [12:47:38:012]: Executing op: CustomActionSchedule(Action=FixConfig,ActionType=3073,Source=BinaryData,Target=WixQuietExec64,CustomActionData="C:\WINDOWS\sysnative\cmd.exe" /s /c ""C:\Program Files\Couchbase\Server\bin\installer-util.exe" "C:\Program Files\Couchbase\Server\FOO" fixpaths")
MSI (s) (D8:B8) [12:47:38:016]: Invoking remote custom action. DLL: C:\WINDOWS\Installer\MSI98F1.tmp, Entrypoint: WixQuietExec64
MSI (s) (D8:EC) [12:47:38:016]: Generating random cookie.
MSI (s) (D8:EC) [12:47:38:022]: Created Custom Action Server with PID 31952 (0x7CD0).
MSI (s) (D8:14) [12:47:38:056]: Running as a service.
MSI (s) (D8:14) [12:47:38:059]: Hello, I'm your 32bit Elevated Non-remapped custom action server.
WixQuietExec64:  C:\Program Files\Couchbase\Server\bin\..\lib\python\runtime\python.exe does not exist!
WixQuietExec64:  Error 0x80070001: Command line returned an error.
WixQuietExec64:  Error 0x80070001: QuietExec64 Failed
WixQuietExec64:  Error 0x80070001: Failed in ExecCommon method
CustomAction FixConfig returned actual error code 1603 (note this may not be 100% accurate if translation happened inside sandbox)
Action ended 12:47:38: InstallFinalize. Return value 3.

In file system I see that really there is no C:\Program Files\Couchbase\Server\bin…\lib\python\runtime fodler
After different scenarios I found that installation is successful when I install couchbase 7.0.0 into user folder whereas 6.5.1 can be installed into Program Files

Also I experience strange behavior with uninstall, when I do uninstall by opening msi installer I receive the error “To install Couchbase Server, the Microsoft Universal C Runtime must be installed. This is delivered by Microsoft via Windows Update. Please ensure your system is up to date. For more detailed installation instructions, see Update for Universal C Runtime in Windows .”
but when I uninstall it “context menu → uninstall” everything works fine

Any information is appreciable.
We need to understand if we need to include additional info to our installation guides.


I can install Couchbase Server 7.0.0 to default location “Program Files\Couchbase\Server” using msiexec from admin console.
The issue only happens if I try to install to “Program Files…” using UI.

Hello @dmytro

Thank you for raising this, I believe you might be hitting MB-47806, which is planned to be fix soon. In the mean while there is a work around which you have already discovered.

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Hi @pvarley

The workaround works for us until the fix.
Next time I will start from checking known issues before creating a new topic.

Thank you for the reply.