Couchbase ui cannot reach cluster


I’m having problems accessing the ui for couchbase. We are running the newest version 2.5 with 3 instances in a cluster

I can login to the administration ui, but after login I get to the admin pages and there is no access to the cluster. I just get the error messages saying

“Difficulties communicating with the cluster; displaying cached information!”

The strange thing is that the cluster is running fine and doing maybe 300-400 ops per second, so the app using the cluster are running without problems

This problem started after I changed compaction settings through the ui. We had a index compaction running and then we changed the settings, so a compaction only where allowed within a given time interval and also that compaction should be stopped when running outside the interval.

Immediately after applying this setting, the problems accessing the ui started.

Any ideas what is going on here?

Best Regards