Couchbase server CE 6.5 Difficulties communicating with the cluster

I am really surprised and shocked at the strange attitude of Couchbus Community Server 6.5
I did nothing except several login try with the server and certainly found the following error:

Difficulties communicating with the cluster. Displaying cached information.


@mostain I am sorry you are having trouble. From your screen shot it is showing you installed a Preview Mode Unsupported Not for use in production. Can you double check what you are trying to do?

@raju Thank your for your response. I am working with couchbase since last 4 month and within this period i have developed couchbase sdk for golang by myself

I have installed this community version 4 months earlier and without changing anything it behave like this, that’t why i am worried now, and rethinking myself should i promote this database or not. still there are lot of negative points which are really frustrating.

@mostain I am not sure which issues you are running into. Please let me know what they are and happy to help and look into them. I was out on vacation and just came back. You can contact me via raju at