Couchbase service is stopping immediately

I have installed couchbase in windows 2003 SP2 and it got installed successfully.
But i am not service is stopping automatically. and in eventvwr i am getting error as “CouchbaseServer: Erlang machine stopped instantly (distribution name conflict?). The service is not restarted, ignoring OnFail option.”

Hi Arihant,
Sorry to hear that you have challenges with installing/running Couchbase Server.

Could you give me a bit more details about the setup? this will help me get a better understanding of the issue and hopefully be able to help you quickly.

  • Has Couchbase run successfully on the machine before (or did this happen just after installing)
  • Are you using any special characters in your username? (may sound wierd, but fund some articles about Erland and usernames with special characters)
  • If possible have you tried to re-install Couchbase on the server.
  • What version of Couchbase Server have you installed?


Hi Martin,

Thanks for reply. couchbase had installed in windows 2003. when i started service and it was stopping automatically.
sorry, couchbase supports windows greater than windows7. Now it is working fine in windows 2008.


Glad to hear that it is now working.