Couchbase Serveur still unstable on macOS High Sierra

Hi my associate and I have a recurring bug on High Sierra.

Since we updated to High Sierra, Couchbase will run flawlessly for a short time then crashes silently.

Once crashed the terminal is non responsive, as is the activity monitor… even after relaunching the application. The only solution is to restart the Mac.

We used Docker to run Couchbase in the meantime but that is needlessly CPU intensive.

I tried this morning hoping it was fixed but it is still crashing on the latest Couchbase server Version (5.0.1-5003).

Is this a known issue ? If so, is there a fix coming ?

Couchbase Server is a purely user-space application - so /even/ if there was a bug in it, it shouldn’t be possible to affect other (non-couchbase) processes on the system.

This sounds more like an OS issue.

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It looks like the behavior you describe has been reproduced with a simple test case @fdelaneau, independent of Couchbase. A colleague happened to mention a blog, I think I found a Mac Kernel Bug, earlier this morning. The twitter thread is also interesting, in that many others have seen this behavior independently.

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Hi, thanks for the reply.

Does this means that the Couchbase team will wait for Apple to fix it or are you already trying to implement the workaround suggested in the blog ?

I don’t think we’re tracking it with any issues in Couchbase at the moment. In particular, because the changed variable (the OS update) that causes the issue is the thing that needs to be fixed. :slight_smile:

A workaround for now would be to run in a VM as I understand it. I, personally, have luckily stayed behind a release so far. :slight_smile: