Couchbase server throwing timeout after server is idle for a few hours

Couchbase server throwing timeout after server is idle for a few hours. Our application is developed in Node.js and we are using SDK v2.1.3. After a few idle hours, the get()s are not able to fetch data from the server, and returns timeout exception. Once we connect to the server through admin web console, the server starts responding fine. This is happening every night when the server does not receive any request for a few hours. We have checked with the Infrastructure and Network team for any logs regarding server/ network downtime, but no issues from their side. The Linux box in which couchbase is running has been up the entire time so is the network. Has anyone faced this issue? Or does anyone have any solution for this?

Any help appreciated. Thanks.

Server version: 4.1
Node.js SDK: 2.1.3

I’ve seen an issue similar to this in the past. If you are not sending any data through your SDK then it is possible that your firewall is closing the connections because they had been idle for so long. Our newer SDKs send a no-op at a given interval to prevent this from happening, but I’m not sure whether the Node.js SDK version you’re using supports this feature. It might be worth checking to see if this is happening.

@mikew, Thanks for the reply. I will surely check the no-op feature. What i have done as of now is something similar. Basically, I send a find one document with id request to the Couchbase server at a specific interval and that solved the issue for now. That is not the best way though. I think no-op is the solution and I will check out the node SDK for that feature. Thanks again @mikew