Timeout and slow response

We have a single node Server. What we have seen that when the server is running for longer duration the query execution time become slow and if we restart the CB Server the query executes faster.

We have been running compaction still same. Any suggestion

Which version are you using?

As you state queries are taking longer the longer the server is up, would you be able to enable profile timings and grab a plan soon after a restart, then again (for the same query) later when it has begun to execute slower - perhaps operator stats will give a hint as to where the delay is building up.

We are using
Couchbase Server Community Edition 6.5.0 build 4966

OK, since you don’t have profiling available, perhaps check on process size (e.g. RSS) to see if this is increasing over time. It could be that memory is growing / becoming more fragmented and this could contribute.

You might also simply consider upgrading from 6.5.0 GA to a current release to benefit from the updates we’ve made over the past years. This might short-cut any investigation (as if a known bug we’d have to direct you to upgrade anyway).

Sorry I don’t have anything more precise for you.


This problem is hitting again and again. Is there no practical way to verify the issue.
The statement seems very generic which does not solves or points to anything.

Have you monitored the process to see if it is growing continually?
Have you tried upgrading to a current version?
We haven’t got enough detail to identify any specific issue.