Couchbase server 5.5.3 - Beam.smp memory usage keep growing to more than 30GB

We are using couchbase server 5.5.3 and noticed that the beam.smp process keep eating memory until full of memory then causing couchbase server shutdown.

I found there are some thread regarding this, but no conclusion yet. Do takes notes we are having 2 servers replicating data each others.

Kindly suggest if you have any idea on this ? Thank you


Hi @tinygipxy

Can you please help us with the following information about your cluster?

  • Are you using Enterprise edition or Community Edition ?
  • How many nodes, and services setup on each node ?
  • What is the size and shape of the nodes ?
  • What OS are you using ?
  • Need details of your workload pattern - what is the size of documents, ops rate etc.
    It would be also very helpful if you can collect logs from your cluster and attach it here for further analysis.

Mihir Kamdar

The detail about that issue, I logged it here: