Beam.smp and memcached high cpu and memory

please help …

I have a high cpu and memory on my server (4 GB of ram , 2 cores of cpu ) with ~ 90.000 item count
and when I run htop command on server ubuntu 14.04 it shows high cpu and memory on process
/opt/couchbase/lib/erlang/erts- …
screen shot on attachment

Can you post some details of your cluster? Is this a single server-node cluster? What version/edition of Couchcbase Server is this?


It is single server node cluster.
couchbase version is 4.6

Any help guys. I am getting this on one node in cluster. All nodes got Couchbase 5.0.

Hi @pankaj.sharma
I am getting the same issue on Couchbase 5.0. Were you able to resolve it?

I haven’t got the solution but it looks like 5.5.2 have reduced CPU and RAM usage.

Yes, but only by 10%. I was thinking if there is any way to tune the processes to consume less memory