Couchbase SDK Addon isn't working properly

Hey guys.

I installed the PHP couchbase SDK via pecl install couchbase
This all went smooth.
I added to my list of PHP extensions.

My phpinfo:


Version => 2.0.2

This is only a little part, but couchbase seems to be loaded.
But when I execute:
$cluster = new CouchbaseCluster('couchbase://localhost', 'default');

I only get this error:
PHP Fatal error: Class 'CouchbaseCluster' not found in

I hope you guys can help me out.

I already installed the C SDK, but this didn’t change anything.

I am running php-fpm and nginx on my Debian 7 machine

Hey cr41s3,

Are you testing if couchbase is loaded on the cli, but testing it from apache? In newer PHP installs the two have separate php ini files.

Cheers, Brett

I am testing it using the cli. That might be the fault

Edit: Thanks man, I edited the wrong config.